Vol 3 (2016)


Themed Articles: 'Words, Signs, and Feelings'
Non-Themed Articles
Book Reviews

ISSN: 2204-146X

Table of Contents

Themed Articles

John Lyly’s Anatomy of Wit as an Example of Early Modern Psychological Fiction PDF
Adele Kudish
‘A Gentlewoman of the Courte’: Introducing and Translating the Court Lady PDF
Lisa Tagliaferri
'Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord, and He Shall Sustain Thee': Consolatory Letter-practices at the Muscovy Tzar Court (second half of the seventeenth century) PDF
Anastasia Aleksandrovna Preobrazhenskaya


Allegories of Sight: Blinding and Power in Late Anglo-Saxon England PDF
Matthew Firth
Royal manuscript patronage in late Ducal Normandy? A context for the female patron portrait of the “Fecamp Psalter” (c. 1180) PDF Image Set
Jesús Rodríguez Viejo
Listening to the Gaoler's Daughter PDF
Kendra Preston Leonard
Mercantile Arithmetic in Renaissance Italy: A Translation and Study of a Vernacular Abbaco Work PDF
Alessandra Petrocchi


Review: Henry the Liberal Count of Champagne, 1127–1181 PDF
Melissa Tu
Review: Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture PDF
Grace Catherine Greiner
Review: By Steppe, Desert and Ocean: The Birth of Eurasia PDF
John Edmund Latham
Review: Vikings in the South: Voyages to Iberia and the Mediterranean PDF
Marcus Harmes
Review: Conquerors, Brides, and Concubines: Interfaith Relations and Social Power in Medieval Iberia PDF
Emily Keyes
Review: Machiavelli’s Legacy: The Prince After Five Hundred Years PDF
Tara Auty
Review: The Corporeal Imagination: Signifying the Holy in Late Ancient Christianity PDF
David W. Kim
Review: Negotiating the Political in Northern European Urban Society, c.1400–c.1600 PDF
Stephen Basedo
Review: Translating Clergie: Status, Education, and Salvation in Thirteenth-Century Vernacular Texts PDF
Stephanie Hathaway
Review: The Prose Brut and Other Late Medieval Chronicles. Books Have Their Histories: Essays in Honour of Lister M. Matheson PDF
Trevor Russell Smith
Review: Rococo Echo: Art, History and Historiography from Cochin to Coppola PDF
Melanie Cooper
Review: Queer Philologies: Sex, Language, and Affect in Shakespeare’s Time PDF
Jeffrey Neil Weiner
Review: Nibelungen . Heimsuchung PDF
Stephanie Hathaway

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