: Open Opportunities

Volunteering for Ceræ provides invaluable experience in operating a journal: from drafting calls for papers, accepting article submissions, being a part of the review process, copyediting to publicity, fundraising, and other back-end operations – skills which will make you more competitive in the academic job market. It will also give you the chance to make a difference and work with a passionate and dedicated team.

For more information on specific roles, please email ceraejournal@gmail.com by 14 January 2020, with a brief description about your interest and previous, relevant experience and skills.

Ceræ also encourage early career researchers as well as more established scholars who would like to join our extensive peer-review network to also contact email us at the same address.

All articles and reviews published by Ceræ: An Australasian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies are published under a CC BY-NC-ND license, unless otherwise specified.